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Kaliedoscope Oslo
16 mm. Color | Script/idea | Production management
Length: 27 min.
Description: A colorful, documentary portrait of the city of Oslo. The film was shown on NRK and SVT the year following completion. If you would like to read more, we refer you to the article in Norska Aftenposten from 1991, click here.

Hedi on the road
Beta Cam | Production management
Length: 60 min.
Description: A powerful portrait of Hedi Fried, a Jewish woman who survived Auschwitz. The film tells of her efforts to help Bosnian refugees manage their trauma.. The documentary was shown on Israeli TV and SVT 1999.

Male model 1994
16mm. Color | Idea, production
Length: 10 min
Description: A documentary about male models in London. The idea for the film is based on a graduate thesis written by art student Lou Åberg at Chelsea College of Art in the same year.

Art or graffiti? That’s the question…
Digibeta| Direction | Idea, production | Editing
Length: 23 min.
Description: The director of the documentary takes us on an exploratory and philosophical trip through Stockholm’s subways where artwork and graffiti challenge each other in the same space. Exciting, decorative artwork is shown in contrast to graffiti and the problem of vandalization. We are also given the chance to follow the restoration and decoration of the Thorildsplan station in 1998.

Link to movie Part One
Link to movie Part Two

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