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VD (CEO) 1997
Producer theater/film production. Production of trailer 35mm and "Filmed thoughts" 16mm. Played at Kulturhuset/Kilen in Stockholm.
Length: 2 hours Description: It is a Sunday evening. Hanna and José are playing a serious game. Suddenly the doorbell rings. Josés Chief Executive Officer enters dressed as the transvestite Mona. This is the beginning of an intrigue leading to a play for power in the living room on stage. The action can also be followed in parallel through showing the characters´ "thoughts" projected on a screen above the actors.

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Short films (9 productions)

Hanna and her handbasin 1994
16mm. Color. Direction, script and editing.
Length: 1 minute Description: The various stages of a woman´s life are shown via her hand basin - from a rosy baby to old woman. All in one minute!

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The white, black and the ordinary 1994
35 mm B/W. Drama. Direction, script, production. Length: 8 min. Description: This is a story in film-noir-style about the 16 year-old girl Anna who has been subjected to physical abuse by her father during her entire upbringing. We follow her story in flashbacks. From her hospital bed, she tells of how she finally succeeded in freeing herself from the violence.

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Other short film productions

Mr. Parker´s Law 1993
S-VHS | Production design & costume. Length: 10 min.

A spring in winter 1993
16mm. | Editor and producer. Length: 3 min.

Requiem 1994
16 mm. | Camera & Lighting. Length: 1 min.

Answering Machine 1994
16 mm. | Camera Operator. Length: 1 min.

Life is a wild passionate fire 1995
35 mm. | Production design. Length: 10 min.

Two times one desire 1995
35 mm | Production design. Length: 20 min

Den sista viljan (Last Will) 1996
Digibeta | Lighting. Length: 5 min.

Feature films

Vingar av glas (Wings of Glass) 1998
95 min. Prod. company: Omega Film AB. Casting.
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Blå måndag (Blue Monday)
90 min. Prod. company: Politruk Film.
Production management.
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Hundtricket (The Dog Trick)
90 min. Prod. company: Omega Film AB. Casting.
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Änglavakt (Among Us)
95 min. Prod. company: Drama Svecia AB.
Location Manager.
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