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Synopsis to a motion picture by Helena af Klercker-Wiernik & Jennie Finkelstein.

IN THE EYE OF THE EAGLE - An adventure in magical reality.

Two Indian males lie lifeless on the ground after having run each other through with spears in a fight to the death. Their souls rise from their bodies into the raw autumn air. The two weightless phantoms gaze at each other with a mixture of respect, surprise and reconciliation. The phantoms attempt to reach each other to make amends, but are instead swept into a flashing, euphoric whirl of light to be then sucked into the black silence of the universe - the dark void. Here begins, ends and proceeds the story of two souls destinies and karmic connection through the eternity of reincarnation.

The real time of the story is filmed in black and white and takes us to the vast landscape of the northern polar circle. It is the late 1800 in Swedish Lapland. Ornulf, a Lapp of peculiar qualities, becomes friends with Manwolf, a recluse who has been raised by wolves after being abandoned as a baby. Despite their differences, they have their status as outsiders in common, and their friendship grows strong. Manwolfs animal-like appearance and behaviour both frightens and fascinates people, and one day he is captured by a travelling theatre company to be used as an attraction. Ornulf knows that he must save his friend. He follows after the company of jesters on foot, and the journey leads him to a dirty, chaotic shantytown full of strange inhabitants. Here Ornulf is faced with a completely new aspect of humanity - the contrast between the peace of nature and bizarre civilization is both violent and comic. The search for Manwolf also leads Ornulf closer to a part of himself that he had previously only had a premonition of. Through increasingly frequent dream visions, he receives insight into an earlier life.

Ornulfs visions are scenes from America some 100 years earlier: the past of the film shown in pale color. Here we recognize Ornulf as the Indian Pale Water, and Manwolf as his stepbrother Wind Eye. As the visions come to Ornulf, the destiny of the Indians is revealed to us: a story of two rival brothers who are finally driven to fight each other to the death.

In the Eye of the Eagle shows a segment of the eternity of life - one life destiny is clarified by another, in another time, and we receive a glimpse of something greater than ourselves. Reincarnation becomes a sounding board that makes realistic events appear in a magical light. The film is a singular adventure using a poetical language of visual symbols, and leaves room for reflection without providing any definitive answers. We receive another perspective through the eye of the eagle, a broader view, and perhaps something to continue with where we otherwise expect the film to end...

Copyright 2003 Helena af Klercker-Wiernik & Jennie Finkelstein