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All our clients, whether large or small, are important to us!

af Klercker Film Production
produces film media solutions for companies that wish to communicate something within the company or out on the market. We create professional productions from script to final film.

Since filmmaking is a craft and marketing is a question of understanding your customers´ needs, we always strive to unite that understanding and craft for you. It is important to us to keep an eye on current trends in communication, and adapt them to the form expression you need to reach you market.

Experience leads to skill
, and advantages for you as a client. From the very beginning, our clients have been both large and small-scale companies working in many different areas. If you are ordering a film production for the first time, our wealth of experience gives you an added sense of security. As a client, we keep you informed of the whole process first enquiry to delivery of the final product. Naturally, we will help you adjust the production to your budget requirements and create the best imaginable conditions for you. As our client, you will be with flexibility, many faceted competence, and the possibility to partake of our network, which gives you as a client a great advantage when contracting.

We make films within the following categories:
documentaries, short films, music videos, corporate films, [both for information and about products and epic short films].

When we produce corporate films, we work with digital film, primarily because it results in greatly reduced production costs and simplifies the filming process, which in turn leads to shorter filming periods and, thus, lower final invoices. We bring in competent people on a project basis. Our team is made up of skilled filmmakers possessing a large degree of experience.