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Information and product films are meant to function well as effective sales tools. This type of film is an excellent method of presenting, e.g. a new technically complex product in an exciting and engaging way. To profile a company, product or service on film is very effective, especially when a high attention factor is needed to reach your target group.

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Some of our clients
ABB Robotics, Axel Johnsson Gruppen, Servera, Ċhléns, Connex Subways, Pieri Paint Manufacturers, Scala Solution, Persienngruppen, UPS, Scan, Arla and Kungsörnen.

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The founder
of af Klercker Film Production is Helena af Klercker-Wiernik. Helena has participated in all aspects of production, directing and casting. Her list of merits include directing documentary films and music videos, producing a theatre play at Kulturhuset in Stockholm, and casting and production management for advertising and feature films. After having worked with the production company Omega Film AB between 97-98, she was offered a position as director and producer at the PR company Lexivision.

In her position as producer and director, Helena put together a professional team of photographers, editors and assistants who will carry out your production in a cost-efficient manner.