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Possessing 18 years of film production experience, Helena founded the company af Klercker Film Production in August 2000.

It all started in front of the camera
. Helena entered the theatre program at Scenstudion in Stockholm. After the completion of her studies, she spent 5 years in Norway, where she continued taking drama lessons, as well as various acting jobs within filmed advertising. Aside from this, Helena worked in the restaurant business, as a model, and as production assistant for Front Film A/S.

A few years later Helena was accepted to the film program at the London International Film School in England, where she received education in directing and producing. Since then she has gained experience of most functions in a film team: prop master, production designer, gaffer, camera operator (16/35 mm), editor, scriptwriter, casting director, researcher, production manager, producer, and director. Helena returned home to Sweden after a further number of assignments as production manager in Oslo. Since then she has resided and worked in Stockholm.

Through this many-faceted
experience she has acquired an excellent insight into how everyone works together in a film team, making her an all-round work leader possessing broad knowledge in and great understanding for the entire teamīs tasks. As a director and producer, she utilizes this knowledge to put together a good and effective team.

Helenaīs foremost concentration
in our productions has included production, directing and casting. Since 2002 she has been working on writing a film script.

Helena is registered in the Swedish Film Database. Link here

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Helena af Klercker Wiernik

London International Film School